Web is Essential

Recently, it is reported that a German court, Federal Court of Justice in Karlsruhe, made a ruling in support of a man who was left internet-less following a problem with his DSL connection.

From this case, such a conclusion can be drawn that with the development of the Internet, the role of the web is not just important for people working and living, but essential. Let’s put it a easy term, can anyone believe that living somewhere without the web?

According to this man, the service interruption, which goes back to a few years ago, certainly got him in big trouble that he had to use his mobile device in place of a landline. And the outage did not only affect on his web, but also have an impact on fax lines and phone, and etc.

However, on the basis of German law, clients could claim compensation from their Internet service companies for web issues.

So the man went to the court for legal help as he never receive the Internet part compensation, although he has already got package part.

More and more people widely recognized the essential of the web; almost every service can be connected with network. From a job application, the payment ability to other online services, the Internet becomes an integral part.

One of the court officials, contrasted his opinion in an interview with Reuters. He commented, “The Internet plays a very important role today and affects the private life of an individual in very decisive ways. Therefore loss of use of the Internet is comparable to the loss of use of a car.”

Genman low also clearly indicates what are call as “Internal service”, which include internet connect, web hosting and more.