WebHostingClue.com is Renamed to BestHosting365.com

After helping thousands of users find the most reliable hosting products, WebHostingClue.com now is renamed to BestHosting365.com, and it still focuses on providing the most convenient one-stop shopping for hosting services.

Under the same management and operation team, it is reported that the renaming comes as a result of the outstanding success of awareness in the website’s core service, and that simply reinforces the information that the website committees to delivering.

The website look has not changed that much, BestHosting365.com is a trusted place for users to find the best web hosting solutions for their website that has retained the user-friendly categories of the website contents, and added some new resources.

Based on their own demands, users can find valuable information from Top 10 Web Hosting, Web Hosting Coupons, Hosting Review and Web Hosting Guide.

BestHosting365.com reviews each hosting companies independently, and rate them with the consideration of industry reputations, hosting features, reliability, support services and prices.

The collected hosting coupons help users save a big budget when purchasing hosting products. In addition, BestHosting365.com provides rich hosting guidance that helps them solve hosting issues.

Even better, to bring users the maximum convenience, its Best Web Hosting by categories like Best WordPress Hosting, Best Joomla Hosting, Best Drupal Hosting, and etc. are granted to those who offer the best web hosting solutions that users are allowed to find the most suitable service within the fastest time.

Moreover, BestHosting365.com added some helpful webmaster resources and App hosting to users to meet their further needs for hosting news, tools and more.

With the new name BestHosting365.com, the website would keep serving more hosting users, and help them find the most reliable hosting at the most affordable price easily and quickly.