Website Makeover can Help Increase Sales

The holiday season certainly is the most wonderful time of the whole year for business owners, gift purchases and eager buyers can bring a shopping peak. However, few of them know how powerful a website makeover can be.

Especially for online businesses, the website is a digital storefront, and owners are able to design the product display and sale. If they realize that the sales are lagging behind expectations, it may be time to make a change. Feasible and helpful ways including brand perception enhancement, usability and so on.

Web Design & Brand Perception

According to some researches, communicability and class aesthetics are the two main factors that greatly affect customer sentiment in the web environment. Text and video content on a website and the entire layout could influence customers’ perception.

As the result, business owners should improve visitors and potential customers’ sentiment toward their businesses or organizations. Try including promotional materials, balance design and layout, and general appearance. Even if owners do not have an image problem, increasing favorability among customers is always a brilliant idea.

Of course, pretty pictures and smiling faces cannot always attract customers’ interests, so owners should also adapt their web design to be more usable, by creating an efficient experience in all aspects of customer interaction, from product browsing to checkout.

The Power of Mobile Device

Nowadays, customers are looking for ways to facilitate their shopping in more convenient and easier ways. As one of them, mobile device becomes more and more powerful, and ushers in a new age of online businesses.

Thus, business owners would miss huge opportunities to sale if they do not currently have a mobile-friendly website, which should contain directions, contact info, product catalogs, product information at least. Customers spend as much as 32% of their time on mobile devices, so the power of mobile device must be considered.

Different from desktop websites, mobile websites need to focus on formatting pages so that text, pictures and navigation are larger and clearer, and can be effectively and quickly used on touch screen devices.

Website Aesthetics

If a website redesign is too difficult to be carried out, business owners still have many other choices. One of the best ways is to introduce thematic elements to websites that highlight the spirit of the season and expect positive returns, both with shopping and brand perception.

Understanding the meaning of holidays can guide the efforts. For example, Christmas it the colors of red and green, winter is a time of snow and eggnog. In these situations, aesthetic options of business owners can capture these sentiments and improve customers’ moods. Most important, owners should pass their marketing materials and social networking in customer activities.


In general, design websites, improve brand perception and encourage customers’ activities using mobile devices can help increase sales, especially in holiday shopping season. Business owners cannot forget to implement marketing materials and website aesthetics.