What to Choose free Hosting or Paid Hosting?

So finally you decided that you will go for blogging and want to have your own blog. That’s great! Now some questions must be popping up in your mind that whether you should opt for free hosting service or paid hosting service?  Many people look for free hosting to save their startup cost. But choosing free hosting service will cost your business later on.  Wondering how?  Let’s take a brief look, how free hosting will affect your business later on.

Pros and cons of free hosting and paid hosting:-

Free Hosting

There are numerous website who offers free hosting. They provide you limited amount of space and bandwidth to publish your own blog or website. FREE sounds good deal. But as you all know, every good thing has two sides that are pros and cons.


  • Free of cost – You will get free web hosting from the webhosting provider. That means you do not have to pay for the hosting. You will get limited amount of space and bandwidth to host your website.
  • Good for experimentation – If you are beginner and wants to learn HTML or want to experiment with website design, then free webhosting is a great way to do experiment’s without spending single penny form your pocket.
  • Be in touch with your friends and family – Free hosting is the best way to be in touch with your friends and family by uploading and showcasing your pictures, videos and your thoughts on website. In this way they can easily check in with you.


  • No Brand name – With free hosting you will be exempted for Brand name.  Possibly you will get long URL like yourbrandname.blogspot.com don’t you think is too long to remember. This is not ideal if you looking forward to brand your business online or to promote it.
  • Limited Space – With free webhosting, you will only get limited amount of space and bandwidth. Once you done with you space and bandwidth, that’s it. With free hosting you will only get basic software’s and options.
  • Advertising – With free webhosting there is possibility that you will get annoying advertising banners and pop-ups on you website.
  • No backups – Free hosting does not allow backup of your data. If something goes wrong with free hosting, there are chances of loosing data.
  • Free hosting doesn’t last forever – With free hosting there is no guarantee that you will get it free of lifetime. Sometimes many big companies decided to shut it down.

Paid Hosting

Paid hosting offers you many features and unlimited numbers of space and bandwidth. Let’s take a look at pros and cons of paid hosting.


  • Minimum cost – Cost to host a website is very less. It is as low as cup of coffee’s price. In best-cheap-hosting.com, we have listed out Top 10 Web Hosting who offers web hosting solution low than $4/month but come with rich features, top quality product and customer service.
  • Own Brand name – With paid hosting you will get your own brand name, which is ideal for your brand and business. And it is very easy to remember.
  • Full time support – Paid hosting provides you 24*7 support if you need any assistance.
  • Free software’s – Paid hosting provides you number of free software’s, with the help of that you can easily install blogs, themes and forum software.
  • Complete control – Paid hosting gives you full control on your own websites. You can even put banners and ads to get some money.
  • Backups – On paid hosting you can backup all your data anytime.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and space – Paid hosting will give you unlimited bandwidth and space.


  • Cost – As you all know good things comes with price tag. So to get paid hosting, you have to pay some monthly fee.

If you want a small amount of bandwidth and space to stay connected with your friends then you can opt for free hosting. If you planning to start a business or looking forward to make a large website online then I would highly recommend you to go with paid hosting. With paid hosting you will get all features and support for your business.

Actually, paid hosting could be very affordable, especially when you could find some good hosting coupon to cut the price. For example, Bluehost, one of the best cheap hosting we recommend in this year, now is offering Bluehost discount to all its customers with 44% off, after which the price could be $3.95/month only. You could know more about the company by visiting https://www.bluehost.com now.

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