What You Should Know about Web Hosting Uptime

When purchasing web hosting products, most people first consider about the hosting features and functionalities rather than the server uptime. This is totally a misunderstanding. In fact, the server uptime is the most critical part which ensure the site is available to the visitors.

For a website, especially a business website, a reliable server that can offer full running hours is essential. It’s closely linked with the survival of a website. This is no exaggeration that you might lose all your efforts, visitors, or money when people got terrible experience caused by the website downtime.

What is the probable reason if your website confront with repetitive hours downtime in a month. This is a simple truth that your web host provides you faulty server.

Of course, the following situation is reasonable and allowed. In order to ensure the best server performance, hosting providers need to upgrade the software and appliances now and then, and their hosting service would be rebooted. Therefore, it is normal that websites might have a few minutes of downtime.

In this article, we will not only help you identify between server uptime and network uptime, but also gain knowledge of a good hosting uptime.

Typically, we believed that if the server uptime reaches range from 99.8% to 99.9% that servers reflect on websites, it is a good hosting uptime. Some reliable hosting companies’ uptime may even higher than their guaranteed 99.9%, such as Bluehost or InmotionHosting.

However, you could also find that some hosting companies guaranteed 100% uptime. Pay attention, this 100% uptime is actually referring to the network uptime. We are skeptical of these companies whether they can offer a good server uptime.

Due to the combination of peripherals and computers, the network is hard to be affected. But the server uptime is different, and once the server crashes, the whole website is over. For this reason, you have to take the server part seriously, make sure the server uptime that hosting providers offer is reliable when select hosting service for your website.