Why Dedicated Server Hosting


Perhaps you have a website on a shared server. However, your host notices that you are getting more traffic. This will slow down the system because you are hogging all the traffic in your website. This usually happens when small businesses in these servers become popular. In these types of situations, the web host could ask you to move to a dedicated server because the other customers in the shared service are becoming unhappy. Don’t take this as a bad thing because it is actually for the better.

What is a Dedicate Server Hosting?

This is a kind of hosting wherein the client rents a complete server that is not shared with anyone. It offers more flexibility compared shared hosting since they have total control over the server. They can have the choice of hardware, operating system and more.


  • With a dedicated server, you will basically have full control of the server. It will be like your own space on the interwebs and you can do anything you want with it, provided that you follow the rules and terms of your provider.
  • It is flexible.
  • You will not share this server with anyone.
  • You will be offered a large amount of bandwidth for your site. This means that you can maximize your content. At the same time, you will also not be limited to having visitors. You no longer have to worry about having a lot of visitors and your website slowing down because of them.
  • These dedicated servers usually utilize extreme security measures. Therefore, you can be assured that the data you have in your server will be safe. The providers will often deploy security measures to scan their servers in order to ensure the safety of their system.
  • You have the freedom to install software that you need on your server. Most times, the providers offer software as part of their package.
  • A control panel will help you automate the creation of your website and server management as well.


  • The cost of leasing a dedicated server is always the number one concern of owners. You should always consider if the cost of the server will be returned by the business that you are doing.
  • To be able to successfully manage a dedicated server, you have to have the skills and knowledge to do so.

Having a server where you can “roam freely” in your business endeavour is something very good. However, do make sure that your business is good enough so that you will be able to maintain the amount that you pay for the server. If your business is small and you don’t want to risk much, then you should probably try out VPS hosting instead.