Why Neglecting Web Design Can Affect Search Engine Results

Nowadays, more and more people come to consider how to make their websites attract eyeballs of search engines and visitors. However, it actually can achieve, depending on a multitude of factors, and web design is one of the most important one.

For both personal bloggers and online business owners, an excellent web design not only acts as the primer for determining the crawl rate or indexing of a website, but also shows how user friendly it is for visitors and potential customers.1111

If people have ever thought why their websites’ search engine ranking results are lower and why they do not remain constant traffic, here are some certain principles of web design to check out whether they are missing in the websites.

  •   Disordered Page Layouts

Sometimes, website owners may annoy or mislead their visitors by using multiple templates for designing their websites. It is difficult for visitors to find needed or valuable information on the websites, causing them leave and abandon websites due to bewilderment if in that way.

People can replace disorder with uniform page layouts, which not only helps avoid confusion but is also easy to maintain and update.

  •   Missing Necessary HTML Tags

If a website cannot attract interests of search engines, the possible reasons may be that missing necessary HTML tags, or the HTML code is not compliant with current web standards, or the code cannot be detected by search engines’ spiders and robots.

When designing a website, owners have to ensure they got HTML tags necessary for validation while crawling, and its codes are compatible with frequent browsers including Chrome, Safari, IE and Firefox, etc.

  •   Useless Meta Tags

There is no surprise that a website appear in the last pages of a web search if the title is not descriptive and Meta tags are missing. Keywords are very essential and powerful for crawling of search engines, and that makes the title must be matching with the description and website content.

Similarly, people need to analyze their websites’ design structure, and do remember add effective Meta tags when doing web design.

  •   Missing Sitemap

For websites, sitemaps are the best watchers of the search engine spiders. They are quite vital that leads search engines to websites and also helps them understand about how the websites are organized. If owners do not well design sitemaps for their websites, and then they no need to expect great search engine ranking results as well as substantial traffic.


seotrafficOnce website owners make up for these shortcomings of web design, combining the objectives of search engine optimization strategy with web design, and they are able to take many advantages of search engines.

In addition to complement SEO tactics, both great web design and search engine result also can help attract mobile & tablet visitors, build a positive reputation of websites and even businesses.