Zhuji91 Coupon

In order to make its great services more accessible, Zhuji91 (https://hk.zhuji91.com/) launches the latest and the most cost-effective Zhuji91 Coupon to the public. With which, customers can get the best Hong Kong web hosting at only $4.95/mo.

As one of the best hosting companies in Hong Kong, Zhuji91 has been providing feature-rich, reliable and affordable hosting products on both Linux and Windows platforms in the market.

Zhuji91 Coupon for Professional Package

The coupon applies to Zhuji91 Linux and Windows hosting services’ Professional packages. Following this exclusive link provided by Zhuji91, customers could claim for the coupon, which makes the hosting price starting from $4.95/mo, with 45% off.

Zhuji91 Linux Hosting – $4.95/mo

Coming with stable and secure CloudLinux operation system and tons of excellent features, Zhuji91 Linux hosting service normally charges at $8.95/mo. Now, with this coupon, the price will be reduced to $4.95/mo for a three-year term.

In order to address the different needs of customers, Zhuji91 has also provided with one-year and two-year plan. Here are the details of Zhuji91 Coupon for Linux hosting:

Service Year Discount Price After Discount! You Save!
12 Month $7.95/mo Total $95.4/yr $12
24 Month $5.95/mo Total $142.8/2yrs $72
36 Month $4.95/mo Total $178.2/3yrs $144

Zhuji91 Windows Hosting – Over 20% Off

The regular price of Zhuji91 Windows hosting service is also billed at $8.95/mo. This coupon only applies to customers who choose two-year or three-year plan, and they can get more than 20% off with it.

Details of Zhuji91 Coupon for Windows hosting are as follows:

Service Year Discount Price After Discount! You Save!
24 Month $6.95/mo Total $166.8/2yrs $48
36 Month $5.95/mo Total $214.2/3yrs $108

Claim for Zhuji91 Coupon

In addition to affordable prices, Zhuji91 also offers 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. If customers are not satisfied with Zhuiji91 Coupon and decide to cancel their accounts within the first 30 days, the company will provide a full refund.

For any personal or small business, Zhuji91 Coupon is the best option to start or expand, and they can claim for it at only $4.95/mo via PayPal.

To know more about Zhuji91 and its hosting services, please visit: https://hk.zhuji91.com/.

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