10 Ways to Improve WordPress Speed

WordPress could be one of the most popular platform people use to make them website online because it extremely easy to get start and manage. However, as the increasing amount of images, contents and plugins, people could find that the running speed of WordPress website will slow down gradually.

Some people might not realize that the speed is very essential for a WordPress website. Let’s see, a website with slow speed is not just offering visitors a bad internet experience, basically they would never return again. Besides, it also has bad effect on the search engine rankings, because Google would take more time to crawl the website information.

So it is a high time to improve a slow WordPress website. Do not worry, it is very simple.

Make a speed test for website

First things first, people must get a basic understanding about their website speed, so that makes website speed test required.

Essentially, 70 is considered to be the bottom line. If the website speed is above 70, that would be comfortable with search engines. But if the website speed is lower than 70 through the speed test, so some measures must be taken.

Here, the Google’s Page Speed Tool is recommended to make speed test.

Backup WordPress

In order to prevent information loss and operation error, people would be better to make a backup for their WordPress by using the plugin BackUpWordPress.

This plugin is truly ease-to-use, no extra steps. Just a simple click, it could backup WordPress database automatically, and even daily.

Clean the previous comments

Check out the whether the website got spam comments. Do not ignore this, which is one of the elements would slow the WordPress down. Clean up the old comments regularly will improve WordPress speed more or less.

Say goodbye to old plugins

Plugins are an integral part of building a WordPress website. Yes, they are extremely friendly and cool. However, too many plugins have no any advantage for the website, but many disadvantages. Slow the website speed is one of them.

Make sure every plugin is needed, or remove them. Do not worry, plugins are easily to be reinstalled, and keep updating the latest plugins versions.

The latest version of WordPress

In addition to plugin version, people have to keep their WordPress updated. When get notified, do not feel impatient because a small step can make a large effect.

And this small step would bring both fast WordPress speed and high WordPress security; no one would not want these benefits, attention, backup first.

The most suitable WordPress theme

Most people just pick a theme casually, and this is not wise. Some WordPress themes require more time to load and highly resource intensive. Check out theme reviews before install them, and ensure they are right that can meet the website needs as well.

Pay attention to the image size and format

Firstly, all images in WordPress website should be compressed and save as JPG format. Secondly, minimize the size of images. This gonna certainly helps increase WordPress speed a lot.

The reason is very simple. People must understand that the bigger the size of the image, the longer it will take for visitors to download it.

Content Delivery Network

Let’s put it straightforward. Through CDN, the large contents of website would be saved in global datacenters around the world, and when visitors browse website pages, the contents would be downloaded by the visitors-nearest servers.

Content Delivery Network can improve WordPress website speed, no geographical restrictions.

A Cache Plugin

Caching is unquestionably something for improve WordPress website speed, and good news is that it shocking easy. If people want to boost their WordPress website up, then choose a good cache plugin.

Just a little advice, W3 Total Cache is reputable. Of course, people could make decision based on their specific needs.

Your hosting provider

Sometimes, the website speed got slow, just because the website owner trusted a wrong hosting provider. When selecting a WordPress hosting provider, never ever get sloppy. Check out its reviews before making the final decision. Make sure the hosting provider can offer fast speed to the WordPress website.

Besides, think about whether the hosting plan is still ok. Most WordPress websites are based on shared hosting. But with the increasing of contents or expansion of the website, people should take some advanced hosting plans like VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting into consideration.