Bluehost Contributes to Code For America

From 2009, Code for America, a new kind of public service set to help governments work better for everyone with the people and the power of the web, implemented three programs: offering resources to start-ups; helping communities’ software reuse; linking developers with governments.

bluehost-snapshotAnd recently, Bluehost, known as a respected hosting company providing best cheap hosting services for individuals and small businesses, has decided to devote its power to the non-profit organization in the next two years, of course, as a member of the EIG. This decision was made to honour the commitments to Code for America.

The CEO of EIG, Hari Ravichandran paid tribute to Code for America, he believed that was a transformation by using open-source code to accomplish these programs. This way is pretty much similar to that EIG used to make Bluehost to success.

At the same time, Code for America’s founder Jennifer Pahlka made response, his team is appreciative that Bluehost can involve in the program and supply with enormous financial and social assistances.

As the development conception, Bluehost always believes that this industry should give back, and endeavor to make its hosting business more accessible for personals, developers, companies, and even governments.

Jennifer Pahlka hopes that Bluehost’s participation can inspire many other hosting companies to join in this movement and make it stronger.

In the coming year, in addition to continuing the popular Bluehost 3.95 Promotion, Bluehost would also undertake new work to get more staffs and customers involve in Code for America program.

Everyone is looking forward to this program, although it has been made considerable progress, there is still great potential. As a leader of the market, Bluehost has a strong foundation and many talented open-source developers, who are full of vigor and skill.

Bluehost’s Director of Open Source Outreach, Jared Smith also indicated that their team is confidence to complete Code for America program perfectly.  To know more about the company, please visit now.