5 Simple Changes to Enhance WordPress Performance

Since it is totally free and also relatively ease-to-use, WordPress has been becoming one of the most popular content management systems and blogging apps. And it is used everywhere, from the smallest blogs to top governmental websites.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that WordPress can guarantee high quality to web masters’ blogs or websites out of other blogging software. Most of the time, website performance would be affected by a lot of very common mistakes, which are made when using WordPress.

In fact, WordPress can be snappy and responsive that all depends on how well webmasters have optimized it for the performance. If they do the proper job and follow the following tips, WordPress will create a successful online presence.

  •   Use Caching

With caching, web servers are allowed to lessen some of the workload by storing static copies of most highly sought-after pages. Thus, a cached copy would be stored on the server, instead of accessing the database and reloading the page each time.

  •   Optimize Database

Database contains all of the website’s data and information, if it runs slowly, the performance will be impacted. As a website owner, people should optimize their MySQL database. At the same time, do not forget to keep WordPress and plugins updated regularly.

  •   Avoid Too Many Posts on Homepage

For a website, especially for a blog, one long page of text in dozens of entries is fine enough unless it starts getting a lot of traffic. If it happens, webmasters need to consider restricting the number of homepage posts.

  •   Avoid Media Overload

A proper amount of images and videos make a website more attractive and also bring more visits, but too much of anything will cause bad effects on it. For instance, if a website takes a long time to load images, videos or other media contents, it will be abandoned by visitors.

  •   Find a Reliable Hosting Provider

However, find a reliable hosting provider is more important than above efforts. Even webmasters do all of the changes, a slow server or restricted memory and CPU power still can disrupt any other optimization techniques. In order to success, webmasters need the best WordPress hosting to host their WordPress website very well.