5 Simple Changes to Enhance WordPress Performance

Since it is totally free and also relatively ease-to-use, WordPress has been becoming one of the most popular content management systems and blogging apps. And it is used everywhere, from the smallest blogs to top governmental websites. Nevertheless, it does not mean that WordPress can guarantee high quality to web masters’ blogs or … Read more

The Importance of Keeping WordPress Plugin Up-to-date

WordPress is a popular content management system that uses PHP and MySQL to create web pages. Its user-friendly interface has made it a favorite among webmasters. In order to enhance the functionality of their WordPress websites, many webmasters install plugins. However, having too many or the wrong plugins can lead to slow loading speeds or … Read more

5 Tips to Help Increase WordPress SEO Ranking

It is well-known that a simple transfer from an old domain to SEO-friendly content management system WordPress could help increase a website’s search engine ranking. If webmasters want to maximum their site’s SEO potential, they will need to make some tweaks. There are 5 things that most webmasters have applied to their WordPress … Read more

Best Magazine WordPress Themes

  A magazine content layout is always the first thing to be considered while presenting the visitors a legible and professional website look. Although there are hundreds of free themes available in WordPress directory, the developers still committed to offering perfect magazine WordPress themes to help give the visitors the best user experience ever. Here, … Read more

Ways to Make Your WordPress Blog Private

As a WordPress blogger, if you want to your blog to be read only by families, friends or specific groups of people, you can make it private to prevent the entire web world from peeking at your personal life. As the result, unauthorized visitors cannot browse any content of the blog. For anyone … Read more

WordPress for Business Websites

Nowadays, there are many business owners still hesitate what software to use to create their new business websites, or whether WordPress is just for publishing blogs. As one of the most popular software in the world, WordPress now powers around 20% of all websites on the whole Internet, and people might be surprised … Read more