Why Webmasters Like Using WordPress to Create Their Websites

High cost involved in creating, designing and maintaining a website and complex operation are main factors that many people are hesitant to start their online journey. Most of them finally make it because they find WordPress.

WordPress is the most popular content management system and blogging tool that offers users an easier way to create and manage websites. In this article, we will summarize the reasons why webmasters like using WordPress for their website.

  •   WordPress is Totally Free

Since WordPress is an open source application, so it is free to download and install, and its codes are also available to developers to use. Webmasters may need to pay for the hosting service and other paid themes or plugins, all depending on their own choice.

  •   Easy to Install and Use

If webmasters use self-hosting, they are required to install WordPress by themselves. However, most major web hosts like Bluehost, WebHostingHub and Arvixe offer their customers 1-click installer, so they can install WordPress with just few simple clicks.

WordPress is very easy to understand and navigate; even beginners know how to use it. They cannot only get to decide how their website looks like, but also determine how it should function. Beside, WordPress is web-based, so webmasters can have access to it anytime and anywhere from an Internet-connected device.

  •   Tons of Plugins and Themes

Using WordPress, webmasters can take full control. There are a lot of plugins available that they can use to increase the functionality of WordPress and their website. For developers, the freely WordPress codes allow them to create plugins.

To make the website stands out and well-designed, webmasters can choose a perfect theme from tons of free and premium made-for-WordPress themes in the market.

  •   Search Engine Optimization

WordPress is constantly being updated and optimized for search engines, so search engines like Bing and Google can crawl and index webmasters’ websites faster. That is extremely helpful for improving website ranking.

  •   High Security

Although WordPress is an open source application, webmasters do not need to worry about its security issue because it has been pretty secured by the WordPress Community’s great supports. Of course, webmasters also have to do regular update, backup and maintenance jobs to ensure their WordPress and website a high security level.