7 Ways to Harden Your WordPress

As an ease-to-use and secure blogging tool and content management system, WordPress is used by thousands and thousands of webmasters around the world. However, it’s also the favorite system of hackers.  So far, the brute-force attacks have been against tens of thousands of WordPress websites, and they even can gain access to the WordPress admin account, according to a survey from the web performance and security company CloudFlare. This is the reason why security experts always suggest business and personal users pay attention to secure their WordPress sites.

  • A security researcher indicated the regular updates address serious security vulnerabilities that may be used by an attacker targeting a WordPress site. We all know that no website can be fully secured from attacks, but you can take some measures to harden your WordPress.
  • When selecting hosting products, you have to choose a secure server from a reliable WordPress web host like Bluehost and WebHostingHub who can offer security and stability methods for backup and recovery.
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest WordPress version, at the same time, do not forget to report the security issues or bugs that you face to WordPress to help them make improvements.
  • Update your operating system and software in a timely manner, and keep them from malware or virus infections.
  • Using SFTP encryption which is able to encrypt the passwords and other data during the process of connecting to your server.
  • Through WordPress feature, you can also check the strength of the password you would be using. Remember use a strong and unique password that is hard to crack.
  • Create a file permission scheme to help you opt which files can be writable by the web server.
  • Ensure the WordPress network is trusted, and firewall rules updated all the time. You should avoid publishing or updating blog through some public Internet.