Microsoft Validates Parallels Hypervisor

On Thursdays, Parallels released that Parallels Hypervisor has been validated under the Microsoft Server Virtualization Validation Program (SVVP). With the validation Microsoft and Parallels will work together to support Parallels Hypervisor running on Windows Server.

The Microsoft can ensure technical support for Windows Server in environments virtualized with third-party programs.

Parallels chief marketing officer of Services Provider, John Zanni who worked in Microsoft earlier in his career, in which he was devoted himself to building partnership as part of its partner hosted initiative.

He said that their Service Providers and customers run businesses by taking advantage of Parallels virtualization, and Windows Server operating as well as Microsoft Server applications. Parallels will give specialized product support to their Service Providers who are going to support their customers. Furthermore, Parallels and Microsoft make joint efforts to guarantee that Microsoft customers who have Windows Server instances and Microsoft applications running on Parallels hypervisor are able to receive bilateral support.

Microsoft and Parallels once acknowledged that customers used their products together. When Windows Azure Pack is beta tested by Ipeer in 2014, it will be delivered with a new APS package for Parallels for Parallels Automation.

Parallels launched that tons of initiatives will help improve support quality and partner collaboration in October, and the Windows Server validation is committed continuously to simplify support for service providers and customers.

As well, Microsoft has been strengthening its partnership initiatives. Earlier in December, its Cloud OS Network was launched to ameliorate the consistency of services built on its cloud platform.

Since VMware received the first validation in 2008, Microsoft’s SVVP has previously validated virtualization products from Cisco, Red Hat and others.