A2hosting now Offers PHP 5.5

a2hosting-220-174The well-known hosting company A2Hosting published a statement in its official blog that the latest PHP 5.5 is available in A2Hosting packages. Customers can choose PHP 5.5 in their cPanel with A2Hosting exclusive PHP switcher.

PHP is a server-side scripting language which is not only designed for web development, but also used as a general-purpose programming language. According to statistics, now nearly 250 million websites and 2.1 million web servers installed PHP.

Why PHP can maintain popularity, even with the growth of other scripts like RoR and Node.js? Except the superiority of existing supplications, another possible factor constantly added new features.

The new A2Hosting PHP 5.5 hosting is surely a great news for both A2Hosting new and current customers, especially some of the new features can make developers work easier.

More importantly, no matter which PHP 5.5 hosting types users are plan to choose, they can get almost 34% off by following the A2Hosting promotion link. With this latest A2Hosting coupon, the PHP hosting only starts from the affordable price $3.95/mo.

In PHP, the generators are always accomplished through the yield keyword, which allowed users return a value to the calling code without ending execution of the generator function.

According to this, even without creating that actual array, users still can iterate over an array’s values or objects. That absolutely helps memory saving, it is more significant in asynchronous languages.

And the finally keyword that lets users attach code to a try catch block which should be run whether or not an exception is thrown. From that, some users might think finally is useless. However, the finally block can bring users convenience by helping them assure the code within it always runs before normal execution resumes.

More than that, users are always forced to write cleaner code with previous PHP versions. Now, it is still preferable while abandoning array and string literal directly in new PHP 5.5.

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