How to Find the Best ASP.NET Hosting

Since its release in 2002, ASP.NET, the sever-side web application framework, has been becoming one of the most popular web development languages, and people utilize the powerful ASP.NET to make their websites accessible worldwide.

Nowadays, in addition to developers, there are more and more business owners intend to choose ASP.NET hosting for its better performance and security. No matter for personals or businesses, it is quite crucial to employ the suitable and well-renowned ASP.NET hosting service from a reliable web host.

A good ASP.NET hosting should not only meet the basic requirements, but also has advanced capabilities to enable users create a success website. For people who are looking to deploy their ASP.NET web application with a suitable hosting provider, there are some other certain factors need to be considered.

Required Features

  •   Disk Space

When choosing an ASP.NET hosting product, one of the main features people should consider is the required disk space. Companies always provide customers with a variety packages, and their prices usually depend on the amount of disk space available.

For instance, the Basic Package from ASP.NET hosting provider Winhost has 3GB disk space and the price charges at $3.95/mo. The price of its Max Package is $7.95/mo, and it comes with unlimited disk space.

  •   ASP.NET Features

Of course, not only for disk space, keep asking what types of database the application requires, whether the host offers complete ASP.NET features or components like Window 2008/2012, IIS 7.0/8.0, SQL 2012/MS SQL 2008, ASP.NET MVC, isolated application pool, full trust allowed and etc.

Customers should look at all their required features because they may have specific demands sometimes. As the result, they are able to find the most suitable ASP.NET hosting solution for their websites.

Control Panel for Management and Deployment

If the web host only provides with a web interface, people might confront with the difficulty in using standard tools and scripts when installing, maintaining and updating. This time, they need an easy control panel for regular management and deployment.

With it, people are allowed to make management of their domains, files, databases, IIS setting, web traffic log and permission.

Web Mail

Another feature that should be considered is webmail, which allows for the use of email address. Normally, the larger the ASP.NET hosting package is, the more mail addresses are allowed to use. Customers have to choose with the future in mind, and think about the requirement as their websites keep growing.

Security – Spam Filter and Virus Scanning

A good ASP.NET hosting solution will have both spam filter and virus scanning. They help prevent the loss of important emails that might end up in spam folder, and make sure any attachments and downloads from the email are free from viruses.

Besides, they can also ensure that users do not send the viruses to other accounts. This is quite important to have confidential information secured.


There are many ASP.NET hosting companies available in the market, but not everyone can offer the suitable solution. Taking the demands into account, and evaluate ASP.NET hosting providers against all of the criteria important to their applications and websites, then it is time to make the decision.