How to Find the Best Web Hosting for PHP

When creating a website, many webmasters intend to choose popular PHP-based content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Thus, a reliable PHP web hosting is extremely important for site success.

However, some people would wonder what PHP exactly is or how to find the best hosting for PHP. In the following article, we will explain them in details.

What is PHP

phpPHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development, and it used as programming language to create dynamic pages and applications as well. PHP can be deployed on most web servers and also as a standalone shell on almost every operating system and platform.

PHP Hosting Guide

For choosing PHP hosting, people should take many factors into consideration. Taking the PHP version and MySQL as examples, it would be great that the hosting package comes with dual PHP and the latest MySQL versions.

People should also check factors like PHP memory_limit, hardware facilities, uptime/speed performance, and reputation of the PHP hosting provider, etc.

Besides, people has to know how much disk space and bandwidth their website needs, and make sure the PHP hosting they choose contains enough resources to store the data and keep the website function properly.

Find PHP Hosting Based on Editor Review

The easiest way to find a good PHP hosting is to follow the editor reviews.

best-php-hosting-2013For example, Best PHP Hosting is a list of web hosts recommended by our editors who offers great hosting environment for PHP at affordable price. All of them are trusted brand in the market, like Bluehost (

Bluehost hosting solutions not only satisfy all of the above requirements, it also includes 24/7 professional support service and Anytime Money Back Guarantee. The price of Bluehost is also quite affordable. Now, with exclusive Bluehost 3.95 promotion, Bluehost charge its customers at only $3.95/mo, nearly 50% off the regular price. Bluehost is an excellent hosting choice for both individuals and small businesses.

Search for PHP Hosting through HostUCan

Some experience PHP webmasters might want to search for PHP hosting by themselves, then HostUCan Web Hosting Search tool is obviously the best one in the industry., a leading web hosting review and search website, has developed a PHP hosting search tools based on the customer reviews. People could search for a web hosting who receive the best rating from PHP developers, besides, people are allowed to further filter the results with preferences like “Host Country/Region”, “Data Center”, “Hosting Type”, and “Daily Traffic”, and more.