How to Find the Best Web Hosting

There is no doubt that you would do many efforts before signing a hosting solution or changing the existing web host to another. You probably check the features, customer support, price, and also get advice from review websites.

Although there are many aspects should be considered, the final selection of hosting solution is decided by your purpose. If you are plan to create a personal blog or start own small business, I am sure that your concern is definitely differing from those large companies who are seeking world-class hosting solutions.

In this article, we concluded some key aspects you could take into account, and that can help you find the suitable hosting solutions for your site.

Choosing the Proper Hosting Type

Hosting service contains many different types of products, the most common types are shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. First thing you should do is roughly thinking about the website scale, contents, etc. Choosing the proper hosting type which can meet your requirements, and then you can carry out the other steps.

  • Shared hosting: the most basic types of hosting service, where you share hosting resources with many others on one server. It is good enough for individuals, blogs, and small businesses.
  • VPS hosting: more advanced than shared hosting, and with VPS hosting, your account would be isolated by virtualization technologies.
  • Dedicated Server: the most secure and most powerful hosting product that you have complete control over a server.

Check Details of the Hosting Solution

Once you decide the hosting type, the next step is check details of the hosting solution, especially hardware details. At this time, you should raise your guard on hosting providers who did not give their datacenter, network, server, and other technology information.

To get a good hosting performance, you should have a comprehensive understanding of the hosting provider’s datacenter locations, security standards, backup equipments, and more others. In addition, their hosting uptime must be guaranteed at least 99.9%.

A Good Hosting Solution Comes with Excellent Customer Support Service

A reliable web host is not only provide its customers good hosting solutions, but also provide 24/7 excellent customer support service via phone call, live chat, and email. Make sure your favorite support method is available before signing hosting solution would be great.

Besides, the support staffs have to be trained and patient, and the company also allows online knowledgebase and tutorials that customers can help themselves out.

Even the hosting company has leading facilities to backup its hosting solution but fail to offer you excellent support service, it is certainly not your right choice.

The Real Price of Hosting Solution

By comparing, it is easy for you to find the lowest hosting price. However, whether the cheapest hosting solution is the most appropriate one? There are some additional features that you should consider.

Does the hosting solution has enough disk space and bandwidth resource? Whether shared hosting solution comes with the easy-to-use cPanel for application installation and management, or the VPS hosting solution allows remote reboots and root access?

Some hosting companies offer hosting solutions at an unreasonably low price because they limited many features and services.

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