How to Know who is Hosting a Site

When browsing various websites with or without purposes online, people might be surprised by the fast speed of some websites. In the meantime, it is surely that they want to know who is hosting the website, whether the web hosting is good or bad, and does it fit for their own websites, etc.

If people got questions like these in their mind, the most useful Who is Hosting This tool from HostUCan ( now can totally help them out by revealing details of any sites on the web.

Who Is Hosting This Tool

Launched by, the leading platform also provides webmasters with hosting reviews, coupons and tutorials, as well as tools like Domain Checker and Search Engine Checker, Who Is Hosting This tool is now available for people to figure out the hosting name behind a website.

Compared to many of other similar tools, Who Is Hosting This tool is extremely ease-to-use and also offer more comprehensive information and resources like customer reviews, the latest deals and buyer guides.


By entering a website address in the search box and click “Look up”, and then people would see details of the website, including the hosting company name, address, IP, created, changed and expire date.

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Moreover, for some of the websites, people can also check out their Whois results like the name, email, phone, and address of the admin and tech, and name servers.

Even better, the Who Is Hosting This tool also comes with the hosting review, customer reviews and coupon that give people an effective shortcut to find a reliable and affordable web hosting for their websites.


Who Is Hosting This is easy to function while it also offers the most valuable information, reviews and deals about the web provider who is hosting the website. For people who find a website run very fast, and want to know which web hosting provider it is using, they are able to take advantages of this Who Is Hosting This tool, check it out at