How to Transfer Domain Names to Another Registrar

For webmasters and online business owners, domain names are kind of identifications and brand names for their websites. And that not only makes find good domain names cautious, but also makes transfer them becoming a very important part.

The domain name transfer process gets registrars involved, while the registrars will take care of the management of the domain records. Moreover, people no need to worry about because domain transfer would not affect their websites, emails and DNSs. Just in case, they can also back up their entire website files, including layouts and contents.

Here, we introduce a clear and complete guide for people to figure out how to transfer domains names to another registrar, and what they need to do to prepare the process.

  • According to the rule of ICANN, people are not allowed to transfer their domain name to another registrar until 60 days. As the result, if people are ready to transfer their domains, they must ensure that at least 60 days have passed since they registered or last transferred their domain names.
  • Locked domain name cannot be transferred. Before transferring, people have to make sure their domain is unlocked, and then confirm the domain transfer with both the old and new registrars.
  • Since new registrar will send a confirmation email to the domain administrative contact, so people have to give the correct email address. The transfer process will not be completed if they cannot receive the email.
  • When registering a domain name, some people will choose the private domain registration service to protect their domain, website and information from spam. But if they decide to transfer their domain, they would better to disable the feature; otherwise they are not able to receive confirmation or emails from new register.
  • People need to go the Domain Control Panel and click the “View Your Authorization Code” link to obtain the authorization code. Print it and give it to the new registrar to verify the whole process.
  • After finishing above steps, people can contact the new registrar to start the domain transfer process. Here is a situation, if people modify any step, they should be better to wait at least 24 hours before the updates to be recognized.
  • New registrar will give normal 5 days to approval request email typically, or the transfer will be regarded as rejected. This second approval is necessary for the domain transfer from the registrar.

If people also change their web hosting provider, they should change the name servers to the new web host before starting transfer their domain name. Once the transfer process is initiated, they have to wait until the domain has been transferred to the new registrar.

In terms of a domain name transfer fee, different domain registrars provide with different prices but can usually be found in the range of $4.99 to $15.99. People can expect friendly, affordable and reliable transfer service from big names such as 1and1, GoDaddy, NameCheap and Network Solutions.