Shared Web Hosting – Pros and Cons

Shared web hosting refers to a hosting service that loads of websites reside on one web server connected to the Internet. It is the most economical hosting, and has been widely adopted for individuals and small businesses use.We summed up both merits and demerits of shared web hosting to help you evaluate whether shared hosting is suitable for your website.

Pros of Shared Web Hosting

  • Affordable Price shared hosting price is much lower than other hosting types like VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting, because have to share memory, CPU time, application resources with some other people on one server.
  • Simple to Operate – When buying shared hosting service, the hosting package would always include a free and ease-to-use control panel, which contains many applications. You can manage your files, database, and email through the control panel, no professional skills required.
  • Great Customer Service – shared hosting is the most competitive field in the market, and most of the shared hosting customers are newbies with few hosting experience. Thus, to maintain the competitive advantage, providers always offer great customer service.

Cons of Shared Web Hosting

    • Resource limit – there are some CPU and memory limit of shared hosting, if you overused, your provider would suspend your hosting account.
  • Low Security – the security of shared hosting environment is low because you have to share server with other people.
  • Server limitation – before you buying shared hosting service, you have to make sure the certain needs of your website, for some providers would limit shell access, the new software installation, and server level-setting changing, etc.

Is Shared Web Hosting Really Suitable for You?

For any personal blogs and small business websites, shared hosting is the best hosting type that fully meets the websites’ requirements. However, if your website’s demands are within the following lists, you should consider advanced VPS hosting and Dedicated Server.

  • Your website ask for a high security level for business needs
  • Website Daily unique IP is over 300, or daily traffic page view is more than 1000
  • Your web site run on the features or modules which shared hosting doesn’t offer
  • Site memory needs exceed 128MB