Is Drupal Good for Blogging?

When referring to blogging, the first solution comes to mind is undeniably WordPress, the most popular blogging system is in use at present. However, now more and more people wonder whether Drupal can be used for blogging.

Drupal is another powerful open source CMS and have been used for at least 2.1% of all websites around the world. Is Drupal truly applicable to blog or WordPress is still better.

The most vital thing you should do is to understand the features of Drupal, and then you can find out the major difference between Drupal and WordPress.

Although WordPress is classified into CMS, by and large it remains blogging software. Comparatively speaking, Drupal cannot only work for blogging; it much more powerful and has more key functions than WordPress.

Put it simply, although you can add multiple users or modify authority level for editors, contributors, etc. on WordPress, the basic essence of the tool is about content publish.

Coming to Drupal, it has the ability to form the basis for almost everything, ranging from eCommerce, corporate to even government sites. This is truly regarded as flexibility. And the engineers continue working on open source development for add-ons, which could make the Drupal structure much stronger.

Besides, Drupal allows you do full text and advanced search, easy site statistics view without plugin using, and caching enable to achieve surprisingly fast loading speed, etc.

So, is Drupal applicable to host your blog? It would depend on your blog type. If you simply want to create a personal blog without any other specific requirements, WordPress with some good plugins are good enough.

If you need a variety of authorities, or you are going to create a blog with lots of complex contents, Drupal is definitely the perfect choice.

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