Linode Double VPS RAM without Additional Charge

Linode, one of the best cloud hosting service provider, today announced to upgrade RAM of its hosting package without adding more price. Counting the previous Network Upgrades and Hardware Upgrades, Linode have completed all the items in its Linode NextGen project.

To improve outgrown architecture and achieve faster network speed, Linode invested almost $1 million to upgrade its entire network in all six datacenters as the first step of Linode NextGen series.

As the result, Linode outbound monthly transfer quota enhanced 10x, and outbound network cap enhanced 5x than before.

Later, Linode carried out the second step of Linode NextGen – hardware upgrades. Three quarters of its fleet are refreshed to the latest “NextGen” host hardware specification, and all Linodes are upgraded to 8 cores.

The company also made a commitment that its support team would provide assistance for this hardware upgrade if it caused server migration issues.

Here comes to the final and the most exciting part of Linode NextGen that RAM on all Linode solutions are upgraded to two fold. Moreover, the RAM upgrade is applied to both Linode new and existing clients.

For existing clients, they could get RAM upgrade through Upgrade Queue, and new clients can receive the new resources automatically once they sign up Linode service.

Until now, in addition to Fremont datacenter, the upgrade service of another five datacenters, located in Dallas, Atlanta, Newark, London, and Tokyo, are all available.

Although Linode was entitled as one of the Best Cloud Hosting companies and its products have been already widely recognized by the industry, the company still believed that this Linode NextGen upgrade series can not only bring all the customers faster website performance, but also can make its budget products more popular.

Linode is promoting its hosting service at 15% off now. Its 1GB memory VPS could be low to $16.96/mo only. To know more information about Linode, its Linode NextGen series and the deal, please visit or check out our Linode Review.

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