Tips to Help Improve Drupal Security Level

As one of the most popular content management systems, Drupal has always been targeting by hackers. Although there are thousands of skillful developers writing code for maintaining and improving Drupal security level, the security issue has never stopped.

Being an open source, Drupal allows new enhancements and updates of the software; sometimes bugs might be left behind, and become security loopholes. However, a lot of researches and surveys show that the root causes are usually left by users.

It is highly essential that Drupal users should keep both security importance and knowledge in mind. Here, we summarized some tips, which can effectively help them make the achievements.

Host Your Drupal in Secured Server

First of all, you need to find a secured server to host your drupal site. Otherwise, everything you have done on Drupal side will mean nothing. We recommend to check out our list of Best Drupal hosting, or you could refer to below two great sites which talk about drupal hosting:

Always Keep Drupal Updated

It is obvious that a rundown old version is easy to be misused and hacked. And this is also one of the reasons why new Drupal version comes with new features and bug-fixes. Keeping install new and optimized version of Drupal could reduce the chances of being attacked.

Keep the Maintenances of Plugins and Modules

One of the advantages of Drupal is that users are able to add many third party extensions and add-ons that offer some specific functions to make their websites run smoothly and efficiently. Note that unmaintained plugins and modules would cause extra security issues for Drupal.

Firewall Settings

Firewall settings restrict the accessibility to a website and strong the Drupal security. For users who in the shared hosting environment, they need to setup firewall settings into their database and web server to enhance the Drupal security.

Strong Passwords

Another helpful way to increase Drupal security level is to make passwords for users’ admin and FTP that are difficult to guess. In addition, users have to ensure other areas are also hardened by strong passwords.

Authorize Website Accounts

If the Drupal website is the one where visitors could make accounts, users should be aware of this time. As administrators, they should set permissions on these unknown registrations. Once they find potential dangers, dismiss the request immediately can help eliminate security issue for Drupal.

Get Spam Off

Spam is the nuisance in the online world, and it is also a threat for Drupal security. One way to protect the Drupal website from spam is by monitoring users’ feeds. Of course, sometimes they need get assistance from premium software like Mollom.

Get Contact with Drupal Community

Drupal users should get contact with Drupal community. If they are stuck somewhere, then they can get help from the community, having a great number of developers who can offer solutions to help solve Drupal problems.