VMware Partner with Savvis to Expand Hybrid Cloud Service

VMware CEO proclaimed a North American hosting cooperation plan during the VMworld 2013 General Session keynote speech. He indicated that the company would work with Savvis, as well as the general availability of VMware vCloud Hybrid Service.

According to Bill Fathers, senior VP and general manager of Hybrid Cloud Services Business Unit for VMware, the longstanding relationship with Savvis would allow new and existing business applications to run seamlessly.

Bill Fathers also said: “Customers can gain new data center locations for VMware vCloud Hybrid Service and complementary network, colocation, hosting and managed services from Savvis to accelerate their move to cloud.”

For the cooperation, VMware will use the global network of Savvis parent company CenturyLink to carry out the development of complementary and secure low-latency web services for its customers.

Besides, VMware vCloud Service is also included in the cooperation plan, and it is being deployed to Savvis datacenters in Canada and the United States.

At the same time, Savvis made the response. Jeff Von Deylen, the president of Savvis, said that it is proud to expand the partnership to integrate its offerings with VMware vCloud Hybrid Service.

And he believed that the hosting partnership expand will be proven to be beneficial to customers and both companies. Deylen said, “Hybrid cloud customers are looking for the kind of secure, low-latency network connectivity solutions that Savvis and CenturyLink can provide.”

There is an extensive speculation throughout the industry that the VMware-Savvis cooperation would continue to expand to Savvis datacenters in other markets. In addition to Savvis, VMware also announced cooperation with Rackspace and Peer 1 recently.