WebHostingHub WordPress Review

WebHostingHub, one of Top 10 Web Hosting in this year, is famous for offering secure, quality web hosting at a discounted price. Actually, WebHostingHub is also a leader in WordPress hosting, its award-winning Linux web hosting comes with rich features to help people create website quickly and easily. And in below, we will review WebHostingHub WordPress compatibility, speed and customer support to see how friendly it is to WordPress.

WebHostingHub is 100% Compatible with WordPress

WebhostingHub wordpress hosting reviewPeople won’t meet any issue to run WordPress in WebHostingHub server. WebHostingHub (www.webhostinghub.com) provide its customers with rich features to run WordPress fast and securely.

  • All its web servers include MySQL 5 and dual versions of PHP 5 (5.2.x, 5.3.x), which could offer the best support to the current version of MySQL, and could also be compatible with old version of WordPress.
  • PHP runs as suPHP, which guarantees a much higher level of security. Besides this, people could set PHP memory_limit to be high 512MB with WebHostingHub.
  • Customers are allowed to customize permalink in WordPress to make URL more SEO because mod_rewrite Apache module is installed by default in WebHostingHub hosting solution.

WebHostingHub WordPress Review on Speed

WebHostingHub operates its business with two data centers, which are located in Los Angeles, CA and Washington D.C.. Both of them are equipped with N+2 or N+1 power systems with multiple battery and diesel power sources, connection to BGP4 network.

All these can ensure a fast and reliable connection, which is one of the reasons WebHostingHub can guarantee 99.9% uptime to customers’ WordPress website.

Besides, WebHostingHub servers are 100% Dell servers which are configured to utilize PHP Caching, maximize available server RAM, and reduce I/O requests to hard drives, meaning customers’ WordPress site loads faster!

Below is the speed we have tested on WebHostingHub against WordPress. To be honest, this is the fastest shared web hosting solution we have seen.

webhostinghub wordpress hosting review on speed

WebHostingHub Makes WordPress Easy

It won’t be more convenient to manage WordPress when hosting with WebhostingHub. WebHostingHub cPanel is featured with 1-click WordPress installation. This undeniably a great news for WordPress beginners. Besides, an experienced WordPress user could use phpMyAdmin and file management tool to install and maintain WordPress manually.

For customers who want to transfer their WordPress website, WebHostingHub will offer help and comprehensive process to make it happened smoothly.

WebHostingHub WordPress Friendly Customer Support

At WebHostingHub, all WordPress issues could be solved by its support technicians, who are 100% US-based, expertly trained and part of the WordPress community – in fact, most of its employees use WordPress for their personal sites.

If customers like to diagnose the issues by themselves, they can learn WordPress or find solutions by checking WordPress online tutorials.

WebHostingHub also guarantees 90 days full money back. After the first 90 days, if customers want to cancel their accounts, they could receive a pro-rated refund.

WebHostingHub has very good reputation within its customers. Below is the summary of customer reviews collected by HostUcan.com,  which shows a very high satisfaction rate.

WebHostingHub is Recommended for WordPress

WebHostingHub is strongly recommended individuals and small businesses who have plans to create WordPress website. It’s hard to be wrong to go with WebHostingHub.

Now, the company is offering a very deep discount to its product. The list price of WebHostingHub is $6.99/month, and now by this Webhostinghub special promotion link, customers could get it at a price of $3.99/month only, which is a 44% discount.

For more information about WebHostingHub, please visit www.webhostinghub.com or check out WebHostingHub Review, and do not miss the 44% promotion.

webhostinghub wordpress