Best PHP 5.3 Hosting

PHP is the most popular web development language around the world. As the time we write this article, 5.2.x and 5.3.x are the two most major versions, but PHP 5.3.x is much better as it abandoned several deprecated features, and added a wide range of brand new features like Namespace support, late static bindings, Jump label(limited goto), Native closures, Native PHP archives, and much more others.However, although thousands of web hosts are out there, only few of them deployed PHP 5.3 in their web servers, and most of them still provide their customers with PHP 5.2 only.In some situations that mainstream content management systems like Drupal 7 only works best in PHP 5.3.x, and some of Drupal module only work for PHP 5.3.x.In below, we would share with you some web hosts who offers both PHP 5.2 and 5.3 hosting that can bring webmasters maximum convenience. No matter which CMS they use, they could always find the most suitable PHP version for their website.

Best PHP 5.3 Hosting for Individuals and Small Businesses

php 5.3 hosting bluehostBluehost is one of the largest hosting companies who offer customers best cheap hosting solutions. Its PHP hosting comes with dual versions of PHP (both 5.2.x and 5.3.x) and PHP memory_limit is up to 512MB. Additionally, Bluehost also used PHP Caching and configured servers to large available server RAM.The regular price of Bluehost starts from $6.95/mo, but with the latest Bluehost discount, the hosting price could be reduced down to $3.95/mo. With Bluehost anytime money back guarantee, it is totally risk-free for any individuals and small businesses.Please visit or check out Bluehost Review to know more about Bluehost.

Best PHP 5.3 Hosting for All Businesses

The leading business hosting provider InmotionHosting ( has been providing outstanding shared, VPS and dedicated server hosting services since 2001. Their web hosting includes 5.2 and 5.3 PHP versions, high PHP memory_limit, suPHP, and PHP caching. And at InmotionHosting, web site are hosted in 100% premium Dell server with RAID-10 fast storage and 32GB memory, which will ensure high server speed.And now, people could receive 30% on its business hosting through this exclusive Inmotionhosting promotion link, after which the price is $4.89/mo only. InmotionHosting guaranteess 90 days full money back.To know more details about InmotionHosting, please visit, or check out InmotionHosting php 5.3 hosting - inmotionhosting