Bluehost Announces Beta Launch of Dedicated Hosting


In the end of last year, Bluehost ( announced an exciting statement that the company would launch advanced dedicated hosting. And after 3 months waiting, Bluehost eventually starts the beta testing of its all-new dedicated web hosting service, which at only $1 for monthly trial.

Founded in 1996, Bluehost is one of the best hosting providers who only focuses on offering Linux shared hosting. Its reliable and affordable hosting solution has been trusted by millions of bloggers and small businesses.

Now, the company steps into the new area – dedicated hosting, and seem that its dedicated hosting is as high-quality as its shared hosting service. According to Bluehost, its dedicated servers are well designed and built with the greatest equipment and software.

Customers do not need to wait a long time for getting their servers be prepared, because Bluehost dedicated hosting would be set up and running within few seconds. And with a serials of tools available, customers can gain control of their system and servers easily.

It is undoubtedly a great news for both the company’s existing customers and new customers that Bluehost launches the new service. As a result, they get more options and reduce troubles when their business grow and need an even more powerful web server than shared hosting.

To know more about Bluehost and its new dedicated hosting, please visit now. If you want to check out $1 dedicated server promote deal, you could contact their sale and ask for one. We are testing their dedicated server now, and will write a review for it next week. Besides, if you only need a shared hosting, don’t forget to check out Bluehost $3.95 deal, with which you could save up to 44% when subscribing to Bluehost Shared Hosting service.