Best Cheap VPS Hosting

best cheap vps hostingVPS is the best choice when the traffic of your web site keep increasing or you need more control over the server. In terms of price, VPS is more expensive than shared hosting, and its much more cheaper than dedicated server. However, who offers  the best cheap VPS in the industry?

After reviewing over 50 VPS solutions, we decide to name A2hosting as the best cheap VPS hosting in the year for its unbeatable high price-value service.

About A2hosting

A2Hosting ( is a leading hosting company who offers various hosting products on the optimized Linux-based platform. One of the most reputable services is its high-performance and affordable VPS hosting.

A2Hosting VPS is Cheap

As one of the best cheap hosting available in the field, A2Hosting offers affordable VPS price starting from $14.99/mo. By following this exclusive promotional link, customers now can get A2Hosting great VPS hosting at a price of $9.89/mo, 34% off the regular price. To be honestly, there is no other web host who could offer the same quality of VPS at a price lower than A2hosting.

Even better, A2Hosting allows monthly billing payment, and it guarantees 30 Days Money Back as well. Within the first 30 days, the company promises a full refund once customers cancel the VPS service.