What to Choose free Hosting or Paid Hosting?

So finally you decided that you will go for blogging and want to have your own blog. That’s great! Now some questions must be popping up in your mind that whether you should opt for free hosting service or paid hosting service?  Many people look for free hosting to save their startup cost. … Read more

InmotionHosting Set New Norm in Cyber World

It is reported that DDoS and Hacker damages caused about $2.5 trillion in losses over the past year, and according to statistics, DDoS attacks up by more than 700% in the first quarter of 2013 alone. Facing with such serious situation, security awareness is becoming more and more vital in today’s web hosting … Read more

Is BetterLinux a Better Linux

What’s BetterLinux? From the official explanation, BetterLinux is a collection of system resource management and monitoring tools intended for hosting providers, data centers, SaaS companies, and cloud environments. Basically, it is a user level Work Load Management for Linux. What does BetterLinux exactly do? The purpose of BetterLinux is to make Linux work … Read more

Test Your Web Site in Different Browser

When you have successfully established a website, we would recommend you test your website in different web browsers. Of course, it all depends, basically according to the personal demands of site owners and visitors. If your website is vital, and you are going to start an online business, it is more essential to … Read more

1and1 Promo in June

The popular web host 1and1 (www.1and1.com) launches the latest and exclusive promotion recently. The price of its shared hosting would be cut down to $0.99/mo, and customers could save up to $600 on select packages with 1ana1 June Promotion. Since 1988, 1and1 has grown to one of the largest hosting companies in the … Read more

.CN Domain Service Restored from Large DDoS Attack

After a large DDoS attack, China’s .CN domain service was restored Sunday morning. This DDoS attack has affected about one-third of the websites registered to .CN domain, reported by Threatpost. This year, there are a series of massive DDoS attacks which are mainly aimed at banks and other financial institutions in U.S. And this incident … Read more

2022 Best VPS Hosting from BestVPSHosting.us

If customers are serious about their websites or the websites are growing too fast for a traditional shared hosting solution, then the next step is to make a transition to the higher VPS hosting plan. However, most of the customers have suffered from selecting a quality and affordable VPS hosting plan from thousands … Read more

Web Hosting with Free Domain

Nowadays, the web hosting industry become increasingly competitive. To attract new customers, most web hosts choose to add more features into their hosting packages, such as free advertising credits,  free domain and etc. And in this article, we will introduce some web hosts which offer free domain in their package. There are two … Read more

Best Joomla Hosting

Joomla is one of the best CMS in the world, however it only works well in a feature rich hosting environment. Best Joomla Hosting below are those who surpass their competitors on Joomla compatibility,  price, reliability, server speed, and customer support, with which people could explore all the potential of Joomla at affordable price. … Read more