Comparison between PHP and ASP.NET

Beginners who first involve in hosting area might find that they are confronted by a lot of hosts providing a wide variety of hosting solutions. In addition to different hosting types, some hosting companies also give people an option of solutions using PHP or ASP.NET platform.

There are many people will keep asking which platform is better. We will make a comparison between PHP and ASP.NET from some main aspects to give people an overview of two platforms.

Usability and Deployment

Referring to usability, PHP is able to run on Linux, Unix and Windows, while ASP.NET is built to run only on Windows platform.

PHP is equivalent to interpret the server, so when changing functionalities, no extra steps are needed to see those changes. For ASP.NET, it takes a great number of codes to achieve complex features and functionality with ASP.NET.

Resources and Supports

Since PHP is an open source, there are a lot of dedicated developers worldwide who continuously make enhancements and updates for better PHP performance. If users have any question, they can easily find useful supports and resources available for PHP on the forum or the Internet.

On the contrary, the improvements and updates of ASP.NET rely on professionals at Microsoft. In the hosting field, there are less supports available to help solve ASP.NET challenges. Most of the time, users are required to ask their providers for assistances, which need additional charges.


PHP, MySQL server, PostgreSQL server, Apache server, and Linux OS are free, and all of them are also free to upgrade. Even better, there is no extra licensing fee for having another standby server as a backup, or needing to run multiple servers for load balancing or server clustering.

If people purchase Windows operating system, ASP.NET and IIS are included as free, but there might require a substantial licensing cost for a Microsoft Windows server, SQL service and even future upgrades. Besides, compared to affordable PHP hosting, the price of ASP.NET hosting is more experience.

Whether people should choose a PHP based hosting solution or ASP.NET one, however, the real criteria for choosing a web hosting platform actually decided on the website requirements.

  •   Really Need ASP.NET and Microsoft Solutions?

People should keep in mind that whether their websites reply on Windows technologies including ASP.NET, Microsoft access or Microsoft SQL server. If the answer is yes, then it is quite convenient to go to a reliable ASP.NET hosting solution.

  •   Or PHP, MySQL and CMSs

If the website specifically requires PHP, Perl or MySQL database, or for the persons who just want to set up a personal blog, or small businesses with a shopping cart, they definitely can find it easier to use PHP based hosting solution that uses a system like Linux or Unix. Unlike ASP.NET, The majority of blogging and commercial software are free and can run smoothly.