InmotionHosting VPS Review

InmotionHosting ( , one of the top 10 web hosting, has been always providing powerful and affordable VPS hosting for businesses since 2001. It is also well-known for the 100% customers satisfaction and industry leading 90 days money back guarantee. And in below, we will review InmotionHosting VPS and see why it’s one of the best VPS hosting in the industry.

InmotionHosting VPS Features Review

inmotionhosting vps reviewWhat distinguish InmotionHosting VPS from the others are the high quality service, rich features, and affordable price. There are 3 VPS options InmotionHosting provides. Let’s take InmotionHosting VPS-1000, the entry plan starts from 29.99/mo, for an example, it includes features like.

  • 40GB Disk, RAM:512MB/1GB Burstable, 750GB/mo, 2 dedicated IP (and will be up to 10), and automatic backups every 24-36/hrs
  • cPanel VPS optimized, WHM, which valued $425/yr, and enterprise class Linux- CentOS 6
  • Free full-managed Support, and Free VPS plan Customization
  • Unlimited Domains and Websites Allowed
  • SSH & Root Access available
  • Choice of Datacenter Locations

It’s really hard to find another VPS in the industry which offers more price value than InmotionHosting.

InmotionHosting VPS Review on Speed

The speed of Inmotionhosting VPS is really impressive.

InmotionHosting has two datacenters. As InmotionHosting customers, they have the choice of datacenter locations. In combined with InmotionHosting exclusive Max Speed Zone technology, its VPS cusotmers could access their web server and email 6x faster than the other web hosts. Besides, InmotionHosting network is built with business-class equipment. It utilizes BGP4 Smart Routing, with which the company can switch, instantly and transparently, away from any unexpected latency or downtime. All InmotionHosting VPS are hosted in 100% Dell premium server with RAID-10 storage.

Multiple datacenter choice, top business-class infrastructures & technologies, and professional maintenance employees, which ensure InmotionHosting to offer fast, reliable and secured VPS solutions.

Here is the testing result we have done again InmotionHosting, from which you can find no matter where your visitors are, they could always access your website very quickly. Just for your know, is hosted in InmotionHosting VPS, and we really trust their service.

inmotionhosting vps review on speed

InmotionHosting VPS Review on Pricing

Normally, The price of InmotionHosting VPS-1000, VPS-2000, and VPS-3000 start from $39.99/mo, 79.99/mo, and 149.99/mo respectively. Now, InmotionHosting VPS 20%-50% off is available by following InmotionHosting VPS promotion link.

Here are the new lowest price for all InmotionHosting VPS :

  • VPS-1000 starts at $29.99/mo
  • VPS-2000 starts at $49.99/mo
  • VPS-3000 starts at $74.99/mo

This promotion could certainly help save a lot. And for customers who signup for semi-annual plan or annual plan, they would be guaranteed with 90 days money back.

The price of InmotionHosting is not the lowest one, but if customers take its features, performance, and superb customer service into account, they would find that the price is really competitive.

Do We Recommended InmotionHosting VPS?

The answer is a big YES. As one of the best business hosting in this year,  InmotionHosting VPS is perfectly fit for all business-class customers, whether they are looking forward to heavy website traffic, fast growth, or they want to run highly interactive, dynamic websites.

Visit now to know more about InmotionHosting VPS, Do not forget to take advantage of 20%-50% off on InmotionHosting VPS solution, the promotion will be closed soon. Or you can check out InmotionHosting Review.

inmotionhosting vps