InmotionHosting WordPress Review

As one of the best hosting provider, InmotionHosting has been committing to offer reliable and fast business level hosting solutions since inception in 2001. Its 100% customers satisfaction guarantee, and industry leading 90 days full money back guarantee gain it a very high reputation in the hosting industry.

InmotionHosting WordPress Compatibility

inmotionhosting wordpressInmotionHosting is fully compatible with WordPress.

All InmotionHosting web hosting solutions are based on the fast and reliable Linux operating system, and every solution backed up with the most recent and stable versions of MySQL and PHP.

And InmotionHosting utilizes suPHP to provide the most secure environment available for WordPress. Without suPHP, scripts have system-wide access which can result in security vulnerabilities. So by choosing InmotionHosting, customers can ensure that their WordPress is running on the most up to date and secure platform.

Thirdly, PHP memory_limit could be configured at a value up to 512MB, which means even a very complex WordPress site with a lot of plugin or images could run smoothly with InmotionHosting.

InmotionHosting WordPress Review on Speed

Inmotionhosting provides one of the best business hosting in the industry, which is not just feature-rich and secured, it also very fast.

InmotionHosting has 2 data centers: Los Angeles, CA and Washington D.C., people can choose the one closer to their locations. And with InmotionHosing exclusive max speed zones, some of its customers could gain 6x faster speed when accessing their web servers and emails.

To ensure highest possibility of speed and reliability, InmotionHosting use 100% Dell premium servers with fast RAID-10 storage which are configured to utilize PHP Caching and maximize available server RAM, and reduce I/O requests.

InmotionHosting has teamed up with some of the world’s largest ISPs and peering exchanges to create direct data connections. The end result is a noticeably faster connection.

Below is the performance testing result we have done against WordPress, in US continent, the page loading speed is lower than 1.2s in most cases. And even in Asia or Europe, the access speed is still very ideal.

inmotionhosting wordpress speed

Easy to Manage WordPress in InmotionHosting

Whether customers have a shared, VPS, dedicated hosting, they can take advantage of all the features InmotionHosting cPanel has offer.

cPanel is a powerful web hosting control panel that lets customer experience easy management  from creating database and managing file, to easily installing software packages through Softaculous. And in-experienced WordPress user could setup a WordPress website by some simple click via Softaculous.

InmotionHosting WordPress Friendly Customer Support

Inmotionhosting support engineers are 100% US-based and 24/7 available for their customers. They are well-trained with good knowledge in WordPress. For customers who have WordPress related questions, just make contact, and InmotionHosting can get the problem solved.

InmotionHosting guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. If customers are not happy with its WordPress hosting service, they could ask their money back within the first 90 days, and then prorated refund after that date.

What to know how Inmotionhosting customer talk about its service? Here is what we get from, an industry leading web hosting review and ranking web site, which show a very high customer satisfaction on InmotionHosting.

Is InmotionHosting Recommended for WordPress?

Sure. InmotionHosting is strongly recommended for WordPress, and it’s one of the Best WordPress Hosting solutions in this year. Its hosting solutions are fast, reliable and secured, which could be used for different types of WordPress site, from personal blog, small business site, to high traffic popular web sites.

The price of InmotionHosting is also affordable, which starts from $6.99/mo. And now, it’s offering 30% off to its shared hosting, and up to 50% off to VPS hosting and dedicated server.

Choosing InmotionHosting as WordPress website host would be quite satisfying, to know more information about InmotionHosting, customers can check out InmotionHosting Review or visit

inmotionhosting wordpress review